sábado, 16 de março de 2013

Am I Narcissus?

It was Friday.
It was a rainy Friday.
We're on a bus driving in Cuiaba.

Then, she said to me:
You’re Narcissus
I said to her frighteningly:
– Why?
She said:
– Because you love one like you.

In fact, I love her and she is like me.
We have the same values. We’re alike.

So, you’re Narcissus too. – I said
– You also love one like you.
Oh my Gosh! – She said – you're right… I’m Narcissus as you!
– Do you know how Narcissus died? – She asked me
– Yes, I do.

– I don’t want to die! – She said.
–You will not die. Maybe, you are the reflection.

Maybe, I’m her reflection! :)

Do not worry! We aren’t proud. – I said
You're right again! – She said – He was exceptionally proud.

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